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Social Responsibility Policy

Istanbul Aydın University considers acting with a sense of social responsibility as one of the fundamental and unchanging elements of its management approach, as part of its core values and principles. The institution conducts its understanding of social responsibility and its priorities with a focus on societal benefit. It strives to take a leading role in activities aimed at protecting democracy, human rights, and the environment. Within this framework, it carries out social responsibility and sponsorship activities in various fields such as education, sports, environment, and arts with a “People First” approach, based on the following principles:



  • Respect for and Sensitivity to Human Rights: Protecting the rights of stakeholders and students against discrimination based on language, race, color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability, and similar reasons among stakeholders.
  • Importance of Business Ethics: Adhering to ethical values ​​to the highest degree in all business activities and relationships.
  • Effective Solutions to Environmental Issues: Generating scientific solutions to environmental problems, supporting initiatives that contribute to the development of environmentally friendly technologies and increase environmental awareness.