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Brand Policy

Istanbul Aydın University aims to create and maintain a culture of institutionalization by adopting strategic principles and objectives to establish a shared identity with all stakeholders. In this regard, our university’s brand is considered as a symbol that emphasizes the uniqueness and quality of our university, including standard colors, logo, name, and design elements, which serve as visual fingerprints. Istanbul Aydın University adopts a brand policy within the following principles, prioritizing differentiation from other universities and highlighting its strengths:


  • Creating Brand Value: Combining all components of Istanbul Aydın University’s brand (visual sign, logo, symbol, name, design, colors) in a way that creates brand value (perception) among stakeholders.
  • Focus on Differentiation: Ensuring that the concrete and abstract components of our brand create differentiation and identify our educational quality.
  • Developing Brand-Stakeholder Relationships and Creating Positive Impact: Ensuring access to our target audience through various platforms, especially based on trust relationships, and creating a positive impact through our brand.