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Corporate Communication Policy

The corporate communication policy of Istanbul Aydın University is based on managing all kinds of information sharing with the institution’s internal and external stakeholders, considering the value that this sharing process, message format, techniques, and methods will add to the institution. Our university aims to establish dynamic communication with all stakeholders, ensuring continuous interaction. In line with this goal, it focuses on managing strategic communication processes sustainably.



  • Contribution to University Promotion: Contributing to the recognition of the institution by external stakeholders by preparing news, interviews, bulletins related to the institution in national and international media, and arranging visuals for use in events that align with the institution’s image.
  • Conducting Internal and External Activities: Proposing new initiatives to maintain communication with our stakeholders at the highest level, sharing information among academic, administrative staff, and students, establishing effective communication by organizing promotional days, and supporting scientific, artistic, and cultural events at the national and international levels.
  • Making Correct Media Planning: Managing the institution’s website and social media accounts, developing relationships with print and visual media to effectively utilize the media.
  • Accountability and Respect for Societal Values: Working based on corporate and societal values ​​in social activities, adopting the principle of openness and transparency that ensures more strategic media relations.