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About Us

Head of Strategic and Quality Development Department

While the universities play their important part by leading the movement of raising the qualified human resources the growing business world needs with the developments in science, technology and entrepreneurship activities, they are also drawing power from the local ecosystem and integrating with the world.

With integration, the communication and strong relations with both internal and external stakeholders gaining importance along with the increasing responsibilities of the higher education institutions, the concept of “Quality” has gained quite momentum and supported by accreditations and other quality assurance systems. The quality improvement processes of the universities in our country are observed and monitored in a certain level and in a transparent manner.Our country had European Standards Regulation, Auropean Universities Association Quality Systems and Higher Education Quality Council which was established in 2015.

As Istanbul Aydın University, we are reflecting our belief to quality toward all of our applications since the first day we are established. Our university, which is accredited with many national and international systems such as the Bologna process, ECTS label along with diploma supplement was assessed with institutional external evaluation in 2017 by Higher Education Quality Council and received a successful Feedback Report. With the internal quality assurance system and PUKO cycles that we operate in the ongoing process, our university was deemed suitable for 5 year full accreditation by YÖKAK in 2022. The evaluation processes by EUA are still going on.

All the active departments of the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Communication Faculty are accredited by the authorized institutions. While the accreditation and quality culture in our institution continues to spread and spread to the base, our university has achieved significant success in many international rankings. In order to follow the processes of quality development, accreditation and continuous improvement and to carry our university where it deserves at national and international level, we are continuing to be in service for Turkish and World Higher Education System with our Strategic development, Quality Development, Accreditations, Data Analysis units, as the Strategic and Quality Development Department.

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Head of Strategy and Quality Improvement Department

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